June 22, 2017

County Living Facilities

VILLAGE OF PROGRESS is responsible for the establishment of two local living arrangements in Oregon, IL, for adults who have a disability. Although both facilities are owned and operated by others, it was the Village which identified the need and spearheaded the projects. Our current involvement with the homes consists of providing a day training setting for those who are able to leave the home.


Established in 1988, this sixteen bed home is licensed as an Intermediate Care Facility. All sixteen residents have the ability to benefit from the day services provided at our agency. The home was named in honor of Robert Stouffer, an Ogle County resident who has been a long-time advocate of programs and services for people with disabilities. Mr. Stouffer was the first President of the Village of Progress Board of Directors.


Hammer Terrace was first occupied in 1997. The home was named in memory of Bernice Hammer. Following her passing in 1975, husband, Robert Hammer, became the primary care giver for their daughter, Pam, who is now a resident of the home. Mr. Hammer and friends worked for years to see that a home would become available for individuals such as his daughter.

Licensed as a Community Integrated Living Arrangement, the home accommodates eight individuals who are characterized with multiple and/or severe disabilities. Those who are able to benefit and have a desire to attend, are enrolled in our day training program.