June 22, 2017

Training Programs


Each consumer is typically involved in a one month evaluation process following enrollment. The program includes testing for vocational strengths and on the job evaluation. Throughout the program, the consumer is paid a wage that is commensurate with his or her ability. Upon completion of the Evaluation Program a comprehensive training plan is implemented that will result in the consumer being placed in one of the following settings: Developmental Training Program, Regular Work Program, placement on a job in the community, with or without supports, depending on their needs and abilities.


Those enrolled in this program have no immediate potential for employment but can profit from a program comprised of paid work experiences as well as a variety of recreational, social, educational, and living skills areas. They perform production tasks at a rate normally below 40% of norm and enjoy and profit from a less stressful learning environment.


This program is designed to meet the needs of those individuals who are not immediately employable on a full-time basis in the community. The individuals enjoy and profit from the work setting and produce at rates that normally exceed 40% of norm. The program provides an employment environment with fair wags and fringe benefits for the participant. Ongoing efforts toward community employment continue.


This program is designed for those who have the desire and skills necessary to work in a community setting with supports including job readiness classes, job site training, integration into the work environment and counseling to address job behaviors.